Lleida Outdoor Test Cell (LOTCE)


 Latitude:  41° 36' 16.97" N
Length:  0° 36' 26.37 E

Is the experimental facility for testing of Ventilated Double Skin PV (VDSPV) façades. It is located in the Parc Científic i Tecnològic Agroalimentari de Lleida - PCiTAL.


It consists of two main units, see the right picture above, from left to right:

  • LOT (Lleida Outdoor Test): Is an isolated booth provided by a type of VDSPV façade structure and a climatic control system and air capturing, it is used for performing VDSPV façade testing in real scale and weather conditions.

  • TRE-L (Test Reference Environment - Lleida): Is composed by three elements used for performing PV module testing under different stress environmental conditions.