Applied Solar Energy (ApSE)

We are a physics and engineering team specialized in research of solar technologies. From here, it takes our name: ApSE, Applied Solar Energy. This team has very experienced members in the field of solar energy coming from the University of Lleida (Higher Polytechnic School - EPS), the Polytechnic University of Catalonia - UPC (CIMNE-BEEGROUP) and other international universities. We have over 10 years working together on projects related to solars systems and prototypes in building integration.

Nowadays, research in solar utilization technologies is a very important fact, especially if it is considered they are technologies that use the sun as renewable energy source. So, their development should alleviate countless suffered crisis in the history, caused by non-renewable nature of fossil energy.

We created this website to facilitate contact with the business world, both national and international level. We are seeking to expand our portfolio of customers by offering services like characterization, modelling, prototyping and consulting. As well as giving optimal solutions to potential problems caused by several solar technologies.

We have two experimental facilities: LOTC and CTTC, used for real testing of improving efficiency and energy savings for building-integrated solar systems.

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